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The Devil's Deck is a 30 card ritual deck that is a companion to my book The Devil's Tome and is illustrated by Satanic Temple co-founder Lucien Greaves, The Devil's Tome illustrator Lex Corey, and myself. It’s the first deck of its kind.

The Devil's Deck is a tool that can be used to sharpen inner knowledge, aid in healing, and deepen personal power.

The Devil's Deck, like The Devil's Tome, is gilded. The deck, booklet, and card box is a heavy matte print illuminated with gold foil. The Sight sigil - the symbol from The Devil's Tome that represents vision and insight - is applied with gold foil on the back of each card in the deck and each card has gilded edges. The 30 cards come in a heavy two-piece matte black and gold-foiled box and is accompanied by a matte black softcover guide book with gold foiling. This accompanying booklet is 80 pages and discuss the reflections for each card and its associated ritual, act of empowerment, or introspection.


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