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Formalin fixed and pierced with nails to add a touch of traditional witchcraft to your wet specimen collection.


If you desire further decoration there is enough space on the heart to add a scarification-style sigil/initial/rune, drop me a message to discuss this if you are interested.


Specimens are all unique, they have slightly different sizes and colours, they are roughly the size of a slim fist so keep this is mind when thinking about display jars. It will be sent to you in a lightweight and basic but suitable jar so don't worry about a container at this stage. 


Specimen will be sent without alcohol, as this would be unsafe and heavy, so you will need to acquire this ahead of time. I can help advise with this but it is possible to find 70% isopropanyl quite easily.

Preorder Pierced and Preserved Lamb Heart

Out of Stock
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