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Leshy, named in honour of the ancient guardian of the Slavic forests, wears his eternal smile and wants to grin at you in your home forever more. 

This is a naturally mummified deer skull, it is totally dry and without any smell. It has been gently cleaned by removing any loose parts and the exposed bone has been wiped clean but it has not been exposed to any liquid. 

To maintain the condition of this unique specimen it will need to avoid moisture and be kept free of pests, in a similar way to taxidermy pieces.

Please note, this skull is not fixed to anything, the stand is a candle stick and is not included in purchase. He does 'sit' stable without support but do take care not to drop him, as that isn't polite. 

Product is probably cursed. 

Leshy - Mummified Roe Deer Buck Skull

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